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*full* Curators' talk for Reinvention in the Urban Midwest

September 12, 2013

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The exhibition Reinvention in the Urban Midwest, curated by Sasaki Associates, focuses on current forms of reinvention in the urban Midwest and explores the drivers for this phenomenon, including global competition, cultural shifts, dwindling resources, and the acute need for greater resilience.

The curators’ talk will address the manifestations of these many drivers of reinvention in five Sasaki projects highlighted in the exhibit: the Chicago Riverwalk; Midtown Detroit TechTown District Plan; The Tomorrow Plan in Des Moines, Iowa; University of Nebraska–Lincoln Master Plan in Lincoln, Nebraska; and The Ohio State University Park–Stradley Hall in Columbus, Ohio.

Victor Vizgaitis AIA (principal), Hope Stege (urban planner), and Alexis Canter (landscape architect) will introduce the exhibit. They will be joined by Sasaki planners and designers for a series of brief, fast-paced presentations on the specifics of reinvention—from the design of student lounges to the challenges of reinventing a multicounty region.