Exhibition //
Boston City Hall: Drawings by Kallmann McKinnell and Knowles


Exhibition Opening:
October 7, 2013

Exhibition Closing:
November 17, 2013

Extended through November 17!

Selected from the collections of Historic New England and curated by Gary Wolf AIA, this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to explore the genesis of Boston City Hall from initial concept through design development, and the challenges that architects Kallmann, McKinnell & Knowles faced with their winning solution. Dating from 1962, the more than 40 original architectural plans and drawings contained in the exhibition celebrate one of the best-known examples of the New Brutalism in American architecture. The special significance and inventiveness of the building also is highlighted in a series of sketches, design studies, photographs, and a model.

Image of Boston City Hall, Perspective Looking North, Second Floor North Hall, by Gerhard M. Kallmann.